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This tea is sourced from the Mangalam tea estate in Assam, Northern India.

This single estate Assam black tea are processed using the CTC method (Cut, Tear, Curl). The large leaves are broken and then granulated to provide a dark mahogany infusion with a rich, malty and exquisitely smooth flavour. Perfect with a drop of milk or sugar. The ideal breakfast tea!

Tea Origin: India

Tea Grading: BPS CL = Broken Pekoe Souchong, Clone

About the Mangalam Estate:
The Mangalam Tea Estate is one of India’s finest tea gardens. Founded in the early 70s it is very young compared to other famous Assam gardens. The way the tea plants were planted here is very unique. Using modern cultivating techniques enables the estate to produce a high yield of sublime quality tea. Unlike Darjeeling teas, where the first flush is considered the best, second flush Assam teas are in high demand for their deep, malty flavours.

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